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Whose Voice Matters on Human Rights?

The Australian Human Rights Commission’s (AHRC) latest research project involving Australians who identify as trans and gender diverse Australians has divided the nation in that they have made clear whose opinions they will listen to. And it’s not those most affected by their research.    

Wendy Francis, National Director, Politics, Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) said, “In an outrageous violation of public trust, tax-payer funded bureaucrats have set themselves up as arbitrators as to who they deem acceptable as subject matter experts in an area of research that is impacting every Australian.”

Wendy continued, “Parents, women, medical practitioners, teachers, and confused children are rightfully shocked to learn that the AHRC, a tax-funded bureaucratic organisation, is working to entrench transgender ideology into every section of society. In doing so they are ignoring overwhelming research and evidence both here and internationally. 

“The Australian Human Rights Commission should take note of the National Association of Practising Psychiatrists (NAPP) approach to human rights obligations in relation to young people suffering from gender dysphoria/incongruence. The NAPP and other medical practitioners continue to warn that medical interventions to block puberty and cross-hormone treatment to achieve feminisation and masculinisation according to the young person’s perceived gender are not fully reversible and can cause significant adverse effects on physical, cognitive, reproductive and psychosexual development. 

“This being the case, it imperative that parents, young people and children are made aware of the evidence of potential harm regarding gender transition and the potentially damaging and irreversible treatment which remains popular in gender clinics. Their human rights surely demand this level of authentic care. 

“Instead of this approach which recognises the most up-to-date medical research, the AHRC appear intent on entrenching transgender ideology into every area of Australian life. Their areas they are investigating include disinformation, misinformation, education, employment, healthcare, housing, migration, service provision and the law, potentially impacting to a significant extent, the human rights of women to their single-sex spaces, sports and facilities.” 

Commenting on the AHRC inquiry, Tasmanian Senator, Claire Chandler, said, “When they say, we are unable to accept submissions from non-specialists in this area, as the AHRC does, the non-specialists they are referring to are the 12 million Australian women who have to live with the erasure of women’s sex based rights and who are smeared as bigots if we object.”

The ACL calls on the Attorney General to step in and instruct the AHRC to accept submissions from any Australian who has something to say about human rights in this highly contested area.

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