The Australian Christian Lobby has labelled Victorian Liberal Leader Matthew Guy’s extraordinary attack on Dr. Renee Heath’s church affiliation as hypocrisy and called on him to withdraw his proposed expulsion of Dr. Heath from the Liberal party room, post-election.

Victorian Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Wendy Francis, said, “In a display of hypocrisy, Victorian Liberal leader, Matthew Guy has followed the Essendon playbook in promising to expel a democratically selected Liberal candidate, Dr. Renee Heath, because of her church affiliation.

“Matthew Guy described as ‘ridiculous’ Andrew Thorburn’s sacking from the Essendon Football Club because of his church affiliation. Now Mr Guy is doing the same thing to Dr. Heath because of her church affiliation. This expulsion is not based on anything that she has said or done.

“Armed only with scurrilous, unsubstantiated, serious allegations, all of which are denied by Dr. Heath, Mr Guy's outburst has Victorians of faith concerned that they and their vote are not welcome in the lead up to Saturday's election.

“The very DNA of the Liberal party, to uphold the fundamental human right to freedom of belief, speech, and thought is at stake. It would seem in Victoria that the Liberal party is no longer a broad church, or one that presumes innocence.”

ACL calls on Mr Guy to publicly reverse Dr. Heath's expulsion.