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Abortion advocates neglecting adoption and parenting as realistic alternatives

Women’s Health Tasmania and the Women’s Legal Service are falling sadly short of providing holistic support to expectant mothers in their demand for state-funded abortions, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

“Women’s Health Tasmania, in advocating for abortion procedures in Tasmania believes it is wrong for any women to experience a lack of accessible abortion services, yet they fail to mention any of the overwhelming negative impacts on women from having abortions,” ACL Tasmanian director, Mark Brown said.  

“There is widespread evidence of the negative health effects on women after ending the life of their unborn babies.

“Making abortions more accessible while not resourcing or prioritising holistic care is only likely to encourage more abortions,” Mr Brown said.

“I’m sure we all would agree that more support and fewer abortions is the better outcome.

“With 95 per cent of abortions now being performed on a healthy mother carrying a healthy baby, we need to be doing more to promote independent healthy outcomes for both mother and child. 

“An estimated 20-30 couples are waiting to adopt children at any one time in Tasmania.

“There are a number of Tasmanian adoption agencies specialising in helping mothers with unwanted pregnancies however I suspect that referrals from pro-abortion groups are low.

“Ms Fahey from the Women’s Legal Service appears to see continuing what at first may be an unwanted pregnancy only in negative terms, despite the fact we now know that a baby can feel pain and survive outside the womb from 24 weeks onwards.

“Galaxy polling conducted for Emily’s Voice in 2013 showed the majority of Tasmanians do not support abortion where there was a healthy baby and a healthy mother. i.e. in 95 out of 100 abortions.

“Those advocating for an expansion of abortion services are fast losing touch with the growing sentiment, most strident in the younger demographic (16-24 year olds), that sees abortion as a violation of the human rights of the unborn.

Nearly two out of three Tasmanians polled in 2013 believed that more needed to be done to encourage parenting and adoption in preference to abortion. Yet the Women’s Legal Service and Women’s Health Tasmania seem to still primarily advocate for the rights to end life.

The State Government should be commended for not making abortions routine procedures in our public hospitals. The ending of life is anything but routine.

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