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Controversial Safe Schools quietly gets the nod from the NT Government

Many Northern Territorians will be today wondering how the Territorian Government agreed to take on the funding of the controversial so-called Safe Schools program which teaches radical gender theory but is being touted as an anti-bullying program.

If the reports today are true, parents in the Northern Territory will be rightly concerned that the program, which the Federal Government and several state governments have either walked away from, or distancing themselves from, is now being embraced by the Northern Territory Government,” Australian Christian Lobby acting NT director Wendy Francis said.

“No parents have ever disputed the need to ensure that their children can feel safe at school, but they do dispute the need to teach children that their gender is fluid.

“What due diligence has been carried out prior to this program being placed in classrooms across the territory that ensures the safety and wellbeing of children is taken into account?

“Why has the NT government quietly assumed funding for the contentious Safe Schools program which even the co-author of the program, Roz Ward, admits is not about anti-bullying?

“The onus is on the NT Government to consult first with parents and be open with its intentions prior to advancing this dangerous gender fluidity program on their children.

“It is disappointing that parents have been side-stepped by those within Government who appear keen to push a radical form of gender theory on children behind the backs of their parents.”

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