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Decriminalising prostitution is another attack on QLD women

 Reports that Queensland Labor will now look at decriminalising prostitution is another attack on women, says the Australian Christian Lobby. 

“Only weeks ago, they passed abortion legislation which we know will harm women and disproportionally see the abortion of baby girls,” said ACL’s state director Wendy Francis.  

“This is a complete policy turnaround after Police Minister Mark Ryan previously told the ABC that the government had no plans to consider prostitution legislation. Now only six months later he’s changed his mind.” 

“Decriminalisation always leads to increased demand, which fuels human sex trafficking. A recent failed decriminalised experiment in Holbeck Leeds, England shows exactly that. Demand for prostitution expanded once the legislation was passed resulting in more trafficked women and girls.” 

“It’s also important that any conversation about prostitution legislation includes the internationally successful Nordic Approach. The Nordic Approach acknowledges that the vast majority of women in prostitution want to exit the industry and this legislation assists them to do so. By criminalising the buyer, it also protects vulnerable women from coercion, trafficking and violence.” 

“The United States’ 2017 Trafficking in Persons Report, reveals Australia is primarily a human trafficking destination country for women and girls predominantly for prostitution.  These women need protection which can never be provided by decriminalisation.”  

“Once again, it’s women who will bear the consequences of the Queensland Labor government’s radical social policies,” commented Mrs Francis.

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