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Doctors in Queensland under pressure to lose conscience

Queenslanders will be shocked to learn the Queensland Law Reform Commission report on termination of pregnancy laws states that in some circumstances doctors should be forced to perform abortions against their conscience.  

The Australian Christian Lobby considers this to be an extreme move against doctors’ rights to conscientiously object to providing treatment they consider harmful to the holistic care of a patient. 

ACL’s Queensland director Wendy Francis said, “Just because a geographical location makes it difficult for a woman to access another service or practitioner to perform an abortion does not mean a doctor should be forced to abort the baby against their conscience. 

“A conscientious objection is based on a sincerely held belief or moral concern and doctors should not be discriminated or treated unfairly for what they believe.” 

The ACL urges the Queensland government to allow doctors to conscientiously object to performing an abortion without referral.  

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