Media Release

Largest petition tabled in QLD Parliament in more than eight years

The largest petition in more than eight years was tabled today in the Queensland parliament.  

With 39,261 signatures, it shows that an inordinately large number of Queenslanders are extremely concerned about Jackie Trad’s radical abortion bill.

“This is the third petition in three years calling on the government not to pass radical abortion laws,” commented the Australian Christian Lobby’s state director Wendy Francis.  

“In 2016, 23,869 Queenslanders urged the government to say no to the most dangerous abortion laws in the world. By 2017 this number increased to 31,735 signatures against the proposed abortion law reform that would limit free speech, allow abortion to full term and provide no protection for women.”  

“This latest petition clearly shows the growing community concern about radical abortion law reform in our state which is consistently being pushed in parliament.”  

“The Premier and Attorney General have undertaken to consult and consider the views of Queenslanders. Parliamentarians should consider the views of their constituents and vote against this dangerous and radical abortion bill,” said Mrs Francis.

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