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Liberal National Party supports Deeming Inquiry into Gender Transitioning

An important motion in the Victorian Legislative Council calling for an inquiry into medical affirmation treatment for gender-dysphoric children and adolescents has been defeated 21-16.

Victorian State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Jasmine Yuen, said, “Moira Deeming MLC is to be congratulated for moving this motion, effectively placing this matter of concern for Victorian parents on the agenda. As she said in her closing statement, this inquiry is all about the need for evidence-based care for children.

The Liberal National Party along with David Limbrick (Libertarian Party), Rikki-Lee Tyrrell (One Nation), and Adem Somyurek (DLP) are to be congratulated for voting in favour of the health and wellbeing of Victorian children, by supporting Ms Deeming’s motion.

“It is incredibly disappointing that Labor voted with the Greens, Legalized Cannabis and Animal Justice parties to defeat the motion, ignoring global advances in this area.”  

Jasmine Yuen said, “Sitting in the gallery, it was disturbing to hear inflammatory, discriminatory, and hurtful comments directed at de-transitioners by the Labor, Greens and Legalized Cannabis parties, ignoring the trauma experienced by many. It was very difficult to listen to.

“The derogatory nature of their remarks caused Libertarian MLC, David Limbrick, to respond saying, ‘If you think that what we are doing in Victoria is world class and top notch, you have nothing to fear from an inquiry and you have nothing to fear from this being examined and scrutinised. What I am concerned about is that people that oppose this are trying to cover up what is going on. I have very serious concerns about what is going on. Why is it that every time that someone wants to talk about this the reaction from activists and from people in the government is to shut them up?’”

The ACL urges the Allan Government to reconsider their position and be open to provide much-needed attention and care for gender dysphoric young people including those who de-transition.

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