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MA 15+ Horror film ads promoted in children’s spaces

The Australian Christian Lobby has today raised concerns with the latest ads on bus shelters in Queensland promoting MA 15+ horror films and the impact these ads have on children.  

Recently the Queensland government committed to banning junk food advertising in places frequented by children, a move which is being done for the best interests of children.  

ACL’s state director Wendy Francis said, “It is confusing that while the government is proposing to ban junk food ads to protect children, they are ignoring sexualised advertisements and in this most recent case, unacceptable horror themes.”  

“It is inappropriate for ads promoting MA15+ movies to be in places where children are likely to congregate such as bus stations.”  

In a decision which has angered parents, Ad Standards recently dismissed complaints against movie poster for ‘The Nun’ in bus shelters and are still considering the complaints against ‘Halloween’.    

“Who will apologise to children distressed by what they see, and who often cannot even articulate what has frightened them? It is completely irresponsible of the bus shelter owners and advertising companies to promote inappropriate ads for children,” commented Mrs Francis.   

The Australian Christian Lobby calls on the Attorney General to include all inappropriate advertising that is harmful to children in their junk food advertising ban. 

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