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Fresh hope for Australian babies born alive and left to die

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has congratulated Senators Matt Canavan, Alex Antic and Ralph Babet for their motion to introduce a Human Rights Born Alive Bill.

National Director of Politics for the Australian Christian Lobby, Wendy Francis, said, “Today in Parliament, Senators Canavan, Antic and Babet have addressed one of our nation’s most horrific examples of systemic abuse of infants.

“It is a fact that in every Australian State, a significant number of babies survive late-term abortions but are intentionally denied life-saving care, or even pain relief. Between 2010 – 2020 there were 724 babies in Queensland and Victoria alone who were left to die after being born alive following abortion.

“The legislation introduced by the Senators will provide care to the most vulnerable among us, newborn babies. It is hard to imagine that any parliamentarian would believe that a viable life should be left to die because they are inconvenient or considered not worth living.” 

ACL calls on all Parliamentarians to value every Australian life and support this bill.


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