Media Release

Drag Queen Storytime Introduces Kids to Gender Fluidity

The Australian Christian Lobby is concerned the Northern Territory’s drag queen storytime program in libraries introduces sexual concepts to small children.

“Let’s not pretend drag queens in libraries are not promoting an ideology to children,” commented ACL’s acting NT director, Wendy Francis. 

“In our society, we need to recognise that there are places for adult entertainment and then there are safe places for children. These should never be conflated.” 

“Attending one of these readings in the local library can plant a thought about gender fluidity in children who would have otherwise never considered this very confusing and difficult life choice,” said Mrs Francis. 

Mrs Francis said that evidence children are being confused by what is becoming constant exposure to transgenderism is growing. 

In parts of Australia referrals of children to gender identity clinics have skyrocketed in the past five years. 

“Experts warn that the huge spike is, in part, due to the promotion of transgender issues in educational facilities. Children are encouraged to question their identity at an age when they should be left to be children,” commented Mrs Francis.

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