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Qld’s radical new Transgender resource for schools and students

The Australian Christian Lobby has consistently upheld the biological reality of gender, and maintained that boys should use boy’s toilets, and girls the girl’s toilets.

“We are shocked to see the Queensland Human Rights Commission this week release a resource that, in effect, claims there is no legal basis to deny a child use of the toilet that corresponds with their nominated gender,” ACL Queensland director Wendy Francis said this afternoon, “The ACL urges the Queensland government to advise Queenslanders that this is not government policy and cease the circulation of the resource.”

Queensland Human Rights Commission this week launched a controversial new [email protected] resource stating that children who identify as gender fluid or ‘non-binary’ are legally allowed to use their preferred toilet facilities – which may change depending on the day or their feelings.

“What about the students who may feel unsafe sharing toilet and change facilities with someone of the opposite biological sex?” Mrs Francis queried, “Then the resource also states that students must be allowed to play intra-school sport, in PE lessons or athletics carnivals according to their nominated gender. How are girl’s rights advanced by biological girls competing against biological boys?”

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