Media Release

Not a Proper Choice for Vulnerable Women

The Australian Christian Lobby is concerned that vulnerable and homeless women are being targeted by men online with offers of free rent in exchange for ‘regular sex’.

  “This is nothing less than taking advantage of already vulnerable women,” commented Wendy Francis, the ACL’s state director. 

“Rahab Toowoomba have also reported that this kind of advertising increases over winter as it is too cold to sleep rough.”  

Mrs Francis is concerned that women were putting themselves in unsafe situations because they had no other options. 

“Here we have homeless and vulnerable women who have the choice of sleeping rough or trading their bodies for somewhere to sleep. This is not a proper choice.”  

“We already know that vulnerability remains the primary reason a woman chooses prostitution. A survey of Queensland prostitutes found that 90% of women working in legal brothels entered the industry because they ‘needed the money’.”  

“It is abundantly clear that women need more assistance and support services in order to protect them from predatory men,” warned Mrs Francis. 

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