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Roe v Wade overturning ushers in a new pro-life era

The US Supreme Court decision to overturn the landmark 1973 “Roe v Wade” decision that enshrined a right to abortion is the culmination of decades of peaceful but persistent advocacy by pro-life advocates.

As is the case in Australia, US States will now have the responsibility of regulating the practice of terminating babies in the womb.

The Australian Christian Lobby’s (ACL) National Director for Politics, Wendy Francis said,

“With the first photo of a wanted baby now an ultrasound image shared online, there is a clearer understanding of the humanity of the unborn. This has raised up a new, young, pro-life generation.”

In direct contrast to those who defend Australia’s brutal abortion to birth laws by claiming it is only a health issue, US Justice, Samuel Alito, stated, “Abortion presents a profound moral issue.”  

Commenting on pro-life issues currently before the Australian federal parliament, Wendy Francis said,

“There are two areas that our federal parliament should immediately attend to:

“It is our hope that this historical decision will impact Australian law in these ways.”

The ACL will continue to support, and build on, the pro-life movement in Australia.

Because every life matters.


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