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NT follows Tasmania’s lead on birth certificates

The Australian Christian Lobby has raised concerns about Transforming Tasmania’s disregard for democratic process after they congratulated the Northern Territory Assembly at the weekend on passing a law yet to be debated.

The bill in question Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 is supposed to bring the Territory in line with the federal Marriage Act but also includes similar radical changes first seen in Tasmania’s bill. 

ACL’s NT director Wendy Francis said the comments show a lack of respect for proper procedure, “Parliament has not even debated these amendments and already Transform Tasmania are congratulating the government for passing this bill.” 

“It’s important for the process of parliament to be respected instead of undermined by misleading information like this.” 

The ACL is concerned with some of the amendments being included in what should be a simple bill to bring the Territory’s law in line with the Commonwealth. Instead, the bill is being used as a trojan horse for the transgender agenda. 

“The bill proposed to include a range of sexual identities: female, male, non-binary, intersex, and unspecified. It also aims to remove traditional gendered terms on birth certificates like “mother” and “father”. Although these changes may benefit a very small minority of people, it runs the risk of stifling diversity,” commented Mrs Francis.

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