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Over 5,000 Queenslanders support ban on sexualised advertisements

A petition calling on the Queensland government to include sexualised advertising in its junk food advertisement ban around schools, sports grounds and public transport has closed with over 5,000 signatures. 

The Australian Christian Lobby’s state director Wendy Francis said; “There is overwhelming evidence that children being exposed to sexualised images is detrimental to their health, mental health and psychological development. This evidence is supported by both the Australian Medical Association and Australian Psychological Society.”   

“The petition calls on the government to include all advertising that is harmful to children in its ban of junk food around public schools, sports and community centres, and other government-owned facilities.”  

Since April this year, Ad Standards have provided Copy Advice to advertisers to assist them in knowing what ads would be acceptable for children’s spaces and what would be likely to offend.   

“We look forward to the government’s response to this significant petition and we urge them to listen to the concerns of the community,” commented Mrs Francis. 

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