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Parliament turns its back on biological truths and foundational freedoms

Tasmanian Parliament’s lower house today voted in favour of a Labor Greens policy to redefine sex and remove it from birth certificates, due to the support of controversial Liberals’ Speaker Sue Hickey. 

Tasmania director of the Australian Christian Lobby, Mark Brown said, “It is a sad day when biological truths and foundational freedoms are completely ignored just to pursue a radical ideology  – and all without community consultation.”  

“The original bill was only ever meant to bring Tasmanian legislation in line with the Commonwealth Marriage Act, nothing more. Instead, it has become a trojan horse for radical social reform.” 

“Tasmanian Labor and the Greens have today proudly voted against religious freedom and revealed their ideological push towards forcing ministers of religion to solemnise same-sex marriage.” 

“In voting down the government’s amendment to bring Tasmanian legislation in line with the marriage act, Labor and the Greens have taken the next step towards enforcing affirmation of same-sex marriage on people whose deeply held religious beliefs disagree. 

“Religious freedom is a vital freedom of modern liberal democracies. Today it has been completely ignored by the both Labor and the Greens.” 

Other proposed Labor/Green amendments previously undisclosed included changing one’s gender solely dependent on how one feels about themselves. 

Today’s developments seem to indicate that Speaker Sue Hickey will continue to support and progress Labor/Greens social policy despite being voted in as a Liberal member. 

Mr Brown said, “A birth certificate is a legal document, a snapshot of the truths surrounding one’s birth. They should not be allowed to be tampered with.”  

“We can no longer be confident that a man is a man and a woman a woman. A transgender woman with no gender reassignment surgery will legally have every right to share female only facilities, not to mention participating in women-only sporting divisions.” 

“ACL has consistently warned that the pressure to conform to this radical gender agenda is the natural step after de-gendering marriage,” commented Mr Brown. 

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