Media Release

RU486 will do more harm than good in the ACT

The ACT Legislative Assembly yesterday passed legislation allowing women to access abortion drugs like RU486 from a General Practitioner.  

The Australian Christian Lobby’s spokesperson Wendy Francis said, “Abortion drugs such as RU486 are not only harmful to the unborn child, but also to women.”

“The side effects can be alarming, and when women are sent home without the support of medical assistance this can be particularly distressing and even dangerous. RU486/PG abortions cause hemorrhaging, vomiting, cramping and the potential for sepsis.”  

“Women being prescribed these drugs and sent home are being given the idea that it is a quick and easy fix – it’s not. This process also denies women the opportunity to consider their decision or look at different options for unplanned pregnancies.” 

“All human life is precious, and this is just another way in which innocent lives are being tragically ended,” commented Mrs Francis. 

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