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Ruddock Review response must be more than a quick fix

The Morrison government’s delay in releasing the Ruddock Review into religious freedom shows they’re taking the issue seriously, said the Australian Christian Lobby. 

“It shows real consideration is being taken to ensure that the response reflects the various areas of concern for people of faith,” said ACL’s managing director Martyn Iles. 

“ACL has worked alongside dozens of Australians over the last few years who have firsthand experiences in workplaces and public life which reflect the critical need for religious freedom protections.” 

“There is the story of Josh, who was threatened with academic discipline just for praying for a fellow student – with permission.” 

“Another current case involves a photographer who agreed to do a photoshoot for a lesbian couple’s family, but also gently informed them of his Christian beliefs. He has now been sued – simply for stating his faith.” 

“It’s cases like these which show that Australia needs religious freedom legislation, which is why it’s encouraging to see the Morrison government take time to consider the best response rather than a quick fix,” said Mr Iles.

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