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Spotlight program shines a light on the devastation of affirmation therapy for children

Channel 7’s Spotlight program has bravely exposed the practice of gender affirmation therapy that is at record levels in Australia, and is leaving devastated children and parents in its wake.

Commenting on the program, National Director of Politics of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Wendy Francis, said, “We congratulate Chanel 7 and the Spotlight team for taking on this controversial topic. In doing so, they have given a voice to the increasing number of children, young people and families who have been violated by the medical industry. Concerned medical specialists told why they believe the government mandated affirmation process is a medical scandal.

“The number of de-transitioners is growing and the heartache they experience because of irreversible damage to young bodies and minds is devastating.

“ACL, along with other faith-based groups and feminist groups and an increasing number of physicians and psychiatrists have been calling for a government inquiry into best treatment for children who are confused about their gender and who are being treated from 11 years old with puberty blockers which precede hormone therapy, and even radical surgery. No child should be encouraged to have their breasts removed in order to satisfy their dislike of their body.

“A Parliamentary petition asking the House of Representatives to conduct a formal, independent inquiry to investigate what should be the foundation of medical best practice in treating gender confusion in children and young adults was tabled last with over 28,000 signatures. However, despite parliamentary guidelines stating that a ministerial response should be provided within 90 days, (by 7 February 2023), none has been forthcoming.

“Australia is charging ahead in the opposite direction to other countries on what is best treatment for gender dysphoria in children. It is simply not possible to become the opposite sex and to allow gender-dysphoric children to think otherwise is a cruel lie.”

ACL calls on the Government to conduct an urgent inquiry into the efficacy of gender affirmation therapy for the sake of our nation’s children.

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