Media Release

Tasmania’s new breed of sexless children

The Australian today reported that Tasmania could become the first state to remove sex from birth certificates if amendments are made to a bill primarily concerned with eliminating the need for transgender people to divorce before changing their gender on official documents.

Mark Brown, the Australian Christian Lobby’s Tasmanian Director said; “The radical amendments proposed by Labor and the Greens should go out to the public for consultation.”  

“Mandating sexless children to satisfy the preferences of a small vocal minority group is a monumental social change and should not be rushed.”  

“The sex a child is born with is a scientific and immutable fact. Birth certificates are used to detail this historical truth and should continue to do so.”   

“This anti-human homogenising must be stopped. The agreed-upon legislation will already see the removal of such important terms as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’, ‘father’ and ‘mother’, but Labor and the Greens want to go further and remove ‘male’ and ‘female’. These are important distinctions in our society and should be protected.”  

“The ACL is also concerned of the impact these changes will have for girls and women’s safety. Currently, women and girls have access to safe women-only spaces and services like bathrooms, changing rooms, refuges, single-sex schools and sports teams. If these amendments are passed biological men, who are legally declared female will have legitimate access to these places.”   

“There must be protections for women and children to ensure they continue to have access to safe and protected services and spaces.” 

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