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  • The plan by Sexual Health Victoria (SHV) to roll out a telehealth medical abortion service, targeting women in the regional areas, is irresponsible, risking the lives of vulnerable young women.   The Victorian State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Jasmine Yuen said, “This telehealth abortion service is greatly concerning and puts women’s lives at risk. Sending young… Read More

  • A father has hit the news for what most Australians would view as responsible parenting. He removed his teenage daughter from Geelong Grammar School rather than have her sharing boarding arrangements with a biological male.   The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL)’s Victorian State Director, Jasmine Yuen said, “This is yet another outcome from the ideologically driven policies of the Victorian… Read More

  • News that Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital affirms gender contrary to biological reality for children as young as three contravenes all established medical principles and current global advice. National Director of Politics for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Wendy Francis, said, “Strict guidelines are being introduced regarding suspected concussion cases for children in sport. If there is any… Read More

  • Despite not supporting the decriminalisation of cannabis for personal use, the Allan Victorian government has opened the door to discuss the move in the Upper House with the Legalise Cannabis Party (LCP). Victorian State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Jasmine Yuen, said, “It is disappointing to see the Premier taking a softer approach… Read More

  • The tepid response by Victoria Police regarding the latest attack on family members of Israeli hostages visiting Melbourne has once again shown that intolerance is allowed to flourish in Victoria. Commenting on this latest episode of hatred, the Victorian State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Jasmine Yuen, said, “It is concerning that, whilst our State… Read More

  • In the face of decreasing numbers of referrals to the Royal Children’s Hospital and Monash Hospital gender clinics, the Victorian Labor Government have announced extra funding for GP training for affirmative approach on gender transitioning. Both the government and the hospitals refused to comment or give further information, despite the fact that the public health system in Victoria is under-resourced.… Read More

  • Furious parents are demanding the Victorian State Government step in to protect their children who attend Clifton Springs Primary School following the replacement of their toilets with gender-neutral facilities used by all children. Commenting on the controversial move, Jasmine Yuen, Victorian State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby said, “Schools are meant to be safe and enjoyable… Read More

  • Australians are fed up with Christmas wokeness

    Instead of their plan to cancel Christmas, Victoria’s Pacific Werribee shopping centre came close to being cancelled by their customers when they replaced “Merry Christmas” with “Merry Everything”. Commenting on the ‘own goal’, Jasmine Yuen, Victorian State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) said, “Pacific Werribee’s ‘Merry Everything’ Christmas campaign was a money raising… Read More

  • The latest mobile billboard advertisement from Melbourne brothel, ‘Gotham City’, features highly sexualised, exploitative images which objectify all women and ignores community responsibility to protect children as it roams Melbourne streets including near schools.  Jasmine Yuen, Victorian State Director for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) said, “Under the Andrews-Allan Government’s Sex Work Decriminalisation Law, the sex… Read More

  • It seems that Melbourne’s Boroondara Council has nothing better to do than to spend time in consideration as to whether they should remove the saying of the Lord’s Prayer in their proceedings. Victorian State Director for the Australian Christian Lobby, Jasmine Yuen, said, “It’s very disappointing that a number of Boroondara Councillors want to replace the… Read More