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  • The Advertiser confirmed this week that Riverland-based SA school students were exposed to teachings on bestiality through a government-funded sex education program by HeadSpace.  Bypassing normal protocols for parental permission, the program delivered to year 9 girls on ‘LGBTQIA+ and respectful relationships’ included graphic discussions on bestiality and incest, making some students so uncomfortable that they left… Read More

  • As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, pushback is increasing against the movement to allow trans women – that, is, men – into women’s spaces.  In late February, the taxpayer funded Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) launched a consultation on ‘trans and gender diverse human rights’, its terms of reference exhibiting clear bias as they call for… Read More

  • This week, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) found itself at the centre of controversy when investigative journalist, Michael Shellenberger, leaked some of WPATH’s files exposing internal discussions between surgeons, therapists, and activists regarding transgender treatments and surgeries.  250 pages of leaked WPATH conversations indicate the ‘peak body’ for advice on gender care is knowingly conducting treatments of an… Read More

  • A peaceful rally organised by Christians in collaboration with the Jewish community to denounce antisemitism was disrupted on Sunday, 3 March, by pro-Palestinian group Lil-Aqsa. The South Australian Police (SAPOL) were all hands-on-deck, with horses and armed forces prepared to control the protest.  Despite threats from the protestors, around 1,000 South Australians gathered at the steps… Read More

  • A landmark study published recently by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has found suicide rates in young people with gender dysphoria are not reduced by medical gender transition. Rather, the cause of suicide appears to be psychiatric co-morbidities.  Ashlyn Vice, South Australian State Director for the Australian Chrisitan Lobby (ACL), commented, “Activists often claim that parents of a… Read More

  • Today, around 3000 South Australians marched in white in one of the biggest Adelaide rallies on the yearly calendar.  In attendance at the march, Ashlyn Vice, State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), said, “Since abortion-to-birth was legalised in 2021, seven healthy late-term babies in SA have been killed in utero to date.  “This is… Read More

  • In a disappointing move, the South Australian government have refused to support an inquiry into the care being provided to minors with gender dysphoria.  Christopher Brohier, National Policy Director for the Australian Christian Lobby, has strongly criticized the decision, saying, “Despite widespread support, the Premier has not allowed a conscience vote on independent MLC Frank Pangallo’s… Read More

  • Conversion Practices Bans Limit Basic Freedom of Speech  In recognition of the irreversible nature of puberty suppression and cross-sex hormone treatments, as well as the rising number of de-transitioners, Premier of Canada’s Alberta Province, Danielle Smith MLA, has taken a decisive step towards banning provincially funded surgeries for minors, and placing limits on gender-affirming care for children.  Danielle Smith said,… Read More

  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) have added their weight to growing concerns over transgender treatment for children and adolescents with their announcement that evidence regarding the long-term outcomes of such treatment is limited and conflicting.  Ashlyn Vice, South Australian (SA) State Director for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), said “The announcement from WHO highlights the importance of the Honourable… Read More

  • The submission by the UN Special Rapporteur to the European Court of Human Rights that the French law which protects and provides exit strategies for women in prostitution while combatting those who exploit their vulnerabilities namely pimps, traffickers and sex buyers aligns well with the Equality Bill recently introduced by the Honourable Nicola Centofanti into… Read More