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  • In recognition of the increasing number of babies born alive after late term abortions, Qld health have amended their Clinical for ‘Termination of pregnancy’. Where previously, abortion guidelines stated, “If a live birth occurs… Do not provide life sustaining treatment”, Section 5.4.3 now states “If a baby is born with signs of life, provide care appropriate… Read More

  • The WA Abortion Legislation Amendment Bill 2023 is set to pass unamended after Labor members blocked all amendments. The WA State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, Peter Abetz, said, “It is tragic that four of the provisions included in South Australia’s updated abortion law in 2021, along with amendments sought by the AMA, were… Read More

  • The Labor Government today refused to fix a serious flaw in its Abortion Legislation Reform Bill 2023, which permits a woman to abort a baby, simply because it’s a girl. Peter Abetz, WA State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby congratulated the Hon Kate Doust (Labor) for moving an amendment to outlaw sex selection abortions.… Read More

  • The Abortion Legislation Reform Bill 2023 has been marketed by the Minister for Health, Amber-jade Sanderson as being necessary to ‘bring Western Australia in line with other states’ and to ‘modernise’ the legislation. ‘The reality is the Bill does neither,’ said Peter Abetz, WA state Director of the Australian Christian Lobby. “It is appalling that… Read More

  • New Australian Christian Lobby CEO calls for child protection advocate for babies born alive in failed abortions

    Appearing at the Senate Committee hearing today on the issue of babies who survive abortions being left to die, Michelle Pearse, ACL’s new CEO, called for the Human Rights (Children Born Alive Protection) Bill 2022 to be strengthened by including provisions for a child protection advocate to be provided to any baby showing signs of life. This… Read More

  • Senate Abortion Committee erases pro-life voices

    The Orwellian named Universal Access to Reproductive Healthcare Senate Committee (aka the Committee to push abortion), has denied the Fair Go principle by refusing to publish all of the submissions made by ordinary Australians. Christopher Brohier, the Australian Christian Lobby’s National Director said today, “The Abortion Committee has said, ‘The Committee has received a large volume of material… Read More

  • Canberrans say “NO” to forced takeover of Calvary Hospital at packed public meeting

    Hundreds of people packed the emergency “town hall” meeting tonight at St Christopher’s Cathedral in Canberra to object to the forced takeover of Calvary Hospital. Jeremy Hansen, Acting Opposition Leader for the ACT Liberals, said the undemocratic land and asset grab of the Catholic-owned facility had commenced. Wendy Francis, Acting CEO of the Australian Christian… Read More

  • Thousands defend the dignity of every life at Brisbane rally

    Thousands of people attended the March for Life in Brisbane to advocate on behalf of unborn babies. Senator Matt Canavan, Dr. Joanna Howe, Hon. Amanda Stoker, Wendy Francis and others addressed the vast crowd. Read More

  • Palaszczuk is negligent to consider controversial abortion drug

    The abortion drug mifepristone – now being challenged in the U.S. due to safety concerns – is part of the MS-2 Step medication that would be widely distributed in Queensland through the tele-health abortion service that the Palaszczuk government wants to quietly rush through. Read More

  • Australia’s largest abortionist has a marketing problem

    Google’s rejection of abortion drug ads will mean less abortions according to Australia’s largest abortion provider, MSI (formerly Marie Stopes Australia). And they’re not happy about it.  Read More