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  • The plan by Sexual Health Victoria (SHV) to roll out a telehealth medical abortion service, targeting women in the regional areas, is irresponsible, risking the lives of vulnerable young women.   The Victorian State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Jasmine Yuen said, “This telehealth abortion service is greatly concerning and puts women’s lives at risk. Sending young… Read More

  • Today, around 3000 South Australians marched in white in one of the biggest Adelaide rallies on the yearly calendar.  In attendance at the march, Ashlyn Vice, State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), said, “Since abortion-to-birth was legalised in 2021, seven healthy late-term babies in SA have been killed in utero to date.  “This is… Read More

  • The Queensland Labor Government is currently pushing to allow nurses and midwives to prescribe MS-2-Step abortion pills. Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) Queensland Director, Rob Norman said, “Very concerning Medicare data reveals that Queensland is already THE abortion state. “Despite Queensland accounting for only 20.4% of the nation’s population, in the period, July 2022- June 2023, Queensland… Read More

  • A clinical review has been called for by Queensland’s Health Minister, Shannon Fentiman, who has expressed concern regarding the State’s rising number of deaths of babies. Ms Fentiman said, “I want this review to look into why we have a high level of stillbirths”.  National Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Wendy Francis, said, “Minister… Read More

  • Queensland Health Minister, Shannon Fentiman has tabled a Bill, Health and Other Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2023, that will allow nurses and midwives to prescribe dangerous abortion pills. ACL’s Queensland Director, Rob Norman, said, “This irresponsible Bill falsely treats abortion as if it were a contraception. The killing of an unborn child and associated… Read More

  • In recognition of the increasing number of babies born alive after late term abortions, Qld health have amended their Clinical for ‘Termination of pregnancy’. Where previously, abortion guidelines stated, “If a live birth occurs… Do not provide life sustaining treatment”, Section 5.4.3 now states “If a baby is born with signs of life, provide care appropriate… Read More

  • The WA Abortion Legislation Amendment Bill 2023 is set to pass unamended after Labor members blocked all amendments. The WA State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, Peter Abetz, said, “It is tragic that four of the provisions included in South Australia’s updated abortion law in 2021, along with amendments sought by the AMA, were… Read More

  • The Labor Government today refused to fix a serious flaw in its Abortion Legislation Reform Bill 2023, which permits a woman to abort a baby, simply because it’s a girl. Peter Abetz, WA State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby congratulated the Hon Kate Doust (Labor) for moving an amendment to outlaw sex selection abortions.… Read More

  • The Abortion Legislation Reform Bill 2023 has been marketed by the Minister for Health, Amber-jade Sanderson as being necessary to ‘bring Western Australia in line with other states’ and to ‘modernise’ the legislation. ‘The reality is the Bill does neither,’ said Peter Abetz, WA state Director of the Australian Christian Lobby. “It is appalling that… Read More

  • New Australian Christian Lobby CEO calls for child protection advocate for babies born alive in failed abortions

    Appearing at the Senate Committee hearing today on the issue of babies who survive abortions being left to die, Michelle Pearse, ACL’s new CEO, called for the Human Rights (Children Born Alive Protection) Bill 2022 to be strengthened by including provisions for a child protection advocate to be provided to any baby showing signs of life. This… Read More